Welcome to ENOCH Prayer
ENOCH stands for Each Night One Congregation Heart To Heart.

We endeavor to see the hearts of the remnant of Volusia County knit together, each one taking their destined position in God's End Time Army of Love to avert God's Judgement with Repentance for ourselves, the Church and the Government. We want to contend for God's Mercy and Favor, for His Blessings, and to intercede for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Middle East, and for Revival and the Awakening of the Bride to return to Her First Love.

So to make ready a people prepared for the Lord's return by Uniting the Congregations of Volusia County through prayer.

E - Each Heart, Each Home, a Prayer Altar.
N - No Hour Uncovered in Prayer; establishing 24 hour prayer walls.
O - One-New-Man Emphasis
C - Congregations in Worship & Prayer; establishing their night each month so that every night there is corporate intercession for the County.
H - Honor God as all congregations join together for times of extended fasting, prayer, worship and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Preparing for
God's Appointed Times